Notice of Website Closure

After 14 years of serving the public and nearly 3 million visitors from all over the world, will close on April 1, 2020. All of the functions and tools will no longer be available.
Through your reports, we have closed down tens of thousands of scam email addresses, helped to prosecute countless scammers, identified organized crime groups operating scam ‘boiler rooms’ and even to help educate law enforcement on the many types of scams in the email stream.
However times and technologies change. This is especially true here at NWS. Since our scam reporting system went live in 2006, the environment has changed so much that NWS simply can not keep up with the budget necessary to continue our work.
For those of you that still wish to report scam emails, please report them to Anti-Fraud International at and visit them at

.NExT Web Security